The CISO Meetup

Account Takeovers Targeting the Middle East

In this talk, we closely examine the ubiquitous problem of account takeover (ATO). Using the Digital Shadows SearchLight service, which maintains a database of breached credentials and scours criminal forums for attackers’ trends, data dumps, advertisements and tools.

Attendees will gain insight into the types of industries with high numbers of exposed credentials, the price of credentials across dark web marketplaces, the targeting of Middle Eastern companies, and the most popular tools used by attackers.

The talk will go on to further discuss how exposed credentials relate to issues such as spoof domains, infrastructure weaknesses, and other forms of online exposure.

About the Presenting Partner – digital shadows

Digital Shadows in partnership with Spire Solutions, a leader in cyber security solutions and services, is an award-winning company offering advanced defense against cyber-attacks. Digital Shadows provides a comprehensive, continuous assessment and understanding of a brand’s exposure on the open, deep and dark web.

Digital Shadows makes threat intelligence work for organisations of all sizes. Companies no longer need to invest a disproportionate amount of resources to get real value out of threat intelligence. Digital Shadows’ industry-leading SearchLight service delivers relevant threat information that allows organisations to quickly understand and act on their external exposure minimising their risk without hiring additional headcount.

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The Meetup’s discussion points are

  • COVID-19 Phishing and Social Media Scams
  • Work-from-Home security precautions and protocols
  • Protecting remote workers against ransomware
  • Next Wave of Innovation in Biometrics at remote work

Boardroom Agenda

14:00 Welcome

14:05 Presentation from SPIRE, Digital Shadows

14:25 Q&A

14:40 Interactive Discussion

Who Will You Meet

Chief Information Security Officer, Head of Information Security, Head of Information Risl and Chief Security Officers.